Discord RPG Bot Commands


The start command will create a new character if you do not yet have one, or continue from where you left off if you have a character already.

Note that if you were in combat, in a bank or in your inventory when quitting your last session you will be reset to the location where this combat or bank was.

/profile [username]

The /profile command will show the profile information for a user. You must specify the username of a user in the game, not their Discord username, or if you leave the username blank, it will show your profile information

/gender [male|female]

The /gender command lets you change the gender of your player character. This can be done at any time as the change is cosmetic only. Male and female player characters have equal statistics, which are influenced only by race and profession (which cannot be changed without generating a completely new character and deleting the old one).

/guild create <name>

Create a new guild, with the given name. A guild is a group of players who work together to achieve a goal.

/guild join <name>

Join an existing guild, using the given name.

/guild leave

Leave your current guild, if you are a member of a guild.

/guild info <name>

Show the information on a guild by name


This command allows you to read lots of interesting background information about the game world, it’s people, locations and the things within. All lore listed in the /lore command may also be accessed via this website.


The map command will show a map of the game world. To view the map in larger view you can click to view the map in your browser.


The /vote command will provide you a link to vote for the bot on top.gg. Voting for the bot will provide loot drops and rewards.

/bio text [player bio]

This command sets a custom biography for the player character, shown in the /profile command. You require Seven Spells Premium to use this command.

/bio picture [image]

Allows you to upload an image to the bot to be displayed in your /profile. You require Seven Spells Premium to use this command.

/rename [old name] [new name]

This command will allow you to rename one of your weapons or armour pieces to any new name up to 20 characters in length. This name is then shown in your /profile, and when attacking another player in PvP. You require Seven Spells Premium to use this command.


The reset command completely deletes your active character, their inventory and history, allowing you to re-roll a new character. If you are a premium subscriber, premium entitlements will automatically apply to your new character in place of the old one.


The info command will show information and status of the bot such as it’s uptime.


The /premium command provides a link for how to subscribe to Seven Spells Premium, or to manage your subscription if you are already subscribed.


The /help command lists all the commands which are documented on this page.