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Beginner’s survival guide to The Seven Spells of Destruction

Welcome to the world of Cryptillia and the game of The Seven Spells of Destruction! This beginner guide will help you hopefully survive your journey into the dark world of Cryptillia, and the hazards and terrors that lie within. Follow this guide, and you will hopefully live long enough to become a legend. Seven Spells takes inspiration from roguelikes, souls-likes, and other games which pull no punches and revel in your suffering. It will not hold your hand, and you will likely be frustrated early on, but the effort spent will be worth it! You will invariably reach a point where the world will open up to your character, and you will feel super-human as you march across Cryptillia destroying all in your path. If this is where you see your character, read on!

Important Stats

The following stats are the most important when starting out. Seven Spells has many other stats, but they are not quite so vital to a new player:

  • Your stamina score is your health in the game. It is imperative you keep it as high as possible and definitely not zero!
  • Your skill score is a reflection of your combat prowress. If you encounter an enemy with higher skill than you, it will be a challenge. If they have over 6 more skill than you, then you should reconsider fighting them if you can, or expend criticals to finish them off as quickly as possible and/or soften them up for standard attacks.
  • Your luck score is very important, again, you should keep it as high as possible as it affects how quickly your critical meter fills up. If it is zero, your luck has literally run out. You can cook food, or find quite rare potions to top up your luck.
  • Your armour and weapon scores reflect the strength and power of your weapons and armour. They both start at one, and your immediate priority should be to increase them.


Utopia is a big place. This game will not hold your hand. There is no quest log, and the map will just show the location of major points of interest in relation to each other. To make any serious headway, take notes and make a map of your own. This will be invaluable as you progress, for finding your way back to loot, avoiding enemies you don’t want to fight, finding potions, weapons and armour, and for the answers to puzzles. Take note of enemies, and if you keep dying in one place, go a different way around! Work with your friends, and trade information on areas, puzzles, and routes.

Surviving combat

Combat in seven spells can be a harsh and somewhat harrowing experience for the newcomer. You will die, and you will die a lot. To survive combat, you should ensure your stats are maxed out where possible before entering combat. Cook food (see below), and consume skill and stamina potions until your stats are maxed. Do not try and take on dangerous enemies with your starting weapon. Visit weapon shops and armour shops and as a matter of priority, get a better weapon and some armour better than your starting gear. When you buy a weapon or armour, you do not automatically equip it, you should equip it from your inventory page.

You should aim to build up and save critical hits during combat early on. You can then use these critical hits if you find yourself up against an unbeatable foe, to get out of the combat and finish them off quickly. Critical hits build up as you land successful hits on enemies, so find low level basic enemies to fight which you know you can beat, to build up that critical meter! Note that at the start you can only bank one critical hit, unless you are an Assassin, in which case you can bank two.

Death and resurrection

As mentioned above, you will die often. When you die, you will generally have two choices. The first choice is to start over. When you choose to start over, you will lose all items that are not stored in the Bank of Utopia (see the section on inventory storage and the bank, below) and quest progress will be completely reset to the start. If on the other hand you choose to continue, you can keep quest progress and items you carry. You can usually continue once per hour, unless:

  • You vote for the bot on top.gg or discordbotlist.com immediately after dying, which will reset your timer and let you continue immediately – do not vote before you die, as this will not reset the timer!
  • You are subscribed to Seven Spells Premium, in which case you can resurrect every 15 minutes instead of every hour

If you choose to completely restart, all items you were carrying that are not quest items will be dropped to the floor where you stood, leaving them open to other players to pick up.

Eating, rations and survival

Every in-game day, you will automatically consume a ration. The number of rations you have is shown in the /profile command. If you do not have any rations, you will lose stamina instead. You can buy rations from vendors in towns, or you can prepare your own via hunting and cooking (see below). Some areas will require special preparation. You should not travel into a desert for example without a means to make or store water.

Hunting and cooking

Hunting in seven spells is an important way to keep yourself alive and give your character stats bonuses. To hunt, you should be away from civilisation, where animals are found in the wild. You should not be carrying too much food products or animal products, the scent from these can scare away the animals. The more of this kind of item you carry, the less likelihood of finding animals there will be. Also, if you are a woodsman, you will have a much higher chance of encountering wild animals during your hunt.

Animal parts can be cooked at a campfire by clicking the cook button. Generally, indoor areas an places inside towns do not offer the ability to cook. If a recipe is available to you, it will be automatically shown in the list. Keep a log of good recipes you have found, and where you find good hunting areas! These areas do not deplete, so you can return to hunt again and again. The best food items give huge bonuses to your stats, so consume them before combat.


You may be unfortunate enough to become infected with diseases during your journey. If you become struck down with a disease, this cannot be cured by stamina potions. Instead, you must seek out a healer. Healers can be found in most big cities, and will charge for their services. Again, take notes and if needed avoid regions where you risk infection, if you are not equipped to deal with the consequences! If you find yourself infected unexpectedly, a long way from a town, you can continually buff up on stamina potions to negate the effects. The effects of most diseases trigger when you encounter combat, so avoiding combat is key to survival if you have a disease!


Magic in seven spells takes mana points, which automatically regenerate while you play. If you leave the game, you will not regenerate mana. Combat spells can be cast in a fight, and will act like a weapon and have no recharge. However, many other spells can be cast outside of combat and instead will have passive effects. In this case, they will have a cool-down period until they can be cast again.
For example, healing may only be cast once per in-game day.

Inventory storage, and the bank

At the start of your journey you will have one page of inventory which can hold 25 distinct stacks of items, and access to the bank of utopia which can also hold 25 stacks of items. If you die, and choose to restart completely, you will retain anything stored in the Bank of Utopia (branches can be found in most towns and cities), but anything else on your person will be dropped where you fell. You may purchase ways to extend your storage, such as a backpack which adds an additional page to your inventory with 25 more stacks, or a horse, which again adds another page. You cannot extend the amount of bank storage you have, so use this sparingly for items you do not need to carry with you. Note that quest items cannot be stored in the bank, or dropped on the ground. You can sell things you do not need for gold at any vendor. This is strongly recommended, so that you can exchange those items for potions via trade to keep yourself alive.


As a new player, don’t engage in PVP with anyone that has a higher skill score than you! Without proper equipment, this is basically a death sentence and a pointless waste of resources.

Accept death as a normal part of the gameplay loop

You will die, and you will die a lot. Don’t get disheartened. Each death is an opportunity to learn, to develop, and remember each time you die you retain your XP and level (even if you choose to restart from the start). Each level up will increase your maximum stats values, letting you take on stronger enemies and harder areas! Eventually, with effort, you will see through to the end!

Good luck and have fun!