Roleplay Bot Freqently Asked Questions

How do I Invite the bot to my Discord

To invite the bot simply click the invite button below:

Once you click the link simply authorise the bot to join your server. The bot requires no special permissions and in fact is completely silent once it has sent its initial introduction message.

What’s the idea of the game/bot?

The bot is a text based game where you must retrieve seven lost magical scrolls from the land of Utopia before the demon Garneth does, and then defeat him. You will explore the land of Utopia whilst fighting enemies and other players to level up and become all-powerful.

How do i start the game?

To start the game simply type the /start application command. The bot will guide you through the character creation process. Your progress in the game is automatically saved. To resume your game at any time, simply run the /start command again and you will continue where you left off.

How do I Win Nitro in this bot?

To win Nitro, you must finish the main quest of the game. This is done by defeating the demon lord Garneth and escaping his fortress. One person may win each month, if there are multiple people to complete the story in that month. You may not win the prize more than once in total. For full terms and conditions you should read the terms of service.

How big is the game?

There are over 3000 locations in the game. Some are very well hidden whilst you may pass through others several times in your game.

In terms of real-world size of the land you explore in the game, the region of Utopia is approximately the same size as the real-world United Kingdom, in terms of area and distance. Your character will take several days in-game to move between regions, and should go equipped with enough rations to make the journey, or risk their health on the trip!

Is this game real-time?

This game allows you to explore and travel in real-time. You will never be prevented from moving or have arbitrary delays placed upon your time in the game, apart from those enforced by Discord to prevent abuse. For example, unlike many other “RPG” games on Discord, you will not be forced to wait several minutes between actions before you can perform more actions. How fast you move through the game is limited only by how fast you can read, and how fast you make decisions.

What makes this game different from other bots like Epic RPG and Dank Memer?

This bot contains a fully interactive open world to explore. Unlike other bots such as Epic RPG, where you just continually grind the same “dungeons” and “encounters”, collecting progressively higher level loot repreatedly by waiting on Discord until you may click again, this game encourages actual exploration, discovery and story, inspired by Fighting Fantasy books, or the Lone Wolf series.

What do i get if i vote for the bot on

If you vote for the bot, you receive a stamina and skill potion drop, which can be used to replenish or buff your stats. Using these you can take your skill and stamina scores to the maximum allowed for your level. If you want to do this automatically instead of voting and viewing’s ads, consider getting Seven Spells Premium instead.

Is there a Seven Spells Premium?

Yes, there is a premium subscription service for this bot. The premium service gives you:

  • Exclusive premium-only areas and game content with exciting new loot
  • Ability to customise your bio in /profile with a custom picture and text
  • Automatic twice-daily potion drops, replenishing your stamina and skill potions
  • Ability to rename your own weapons and armour pieces so that they show up as what you named them in /profile and in PvP
  • A special role on our official Discord server and access to a premium user channel
  • And more to come as the bot grows!

How can i completely remove my character/create a new character?

To completely remove your character, use the /reset command. Once you have issued this command you will have to confirm you wish to proceed by clicking a button. If you do this your character will be irrevocably deleted, after which you can create a new one with /start if you wish.

Deleting a character with /reset is not reversible. Once you do this, your character is gone and nobody can help you get it back!

What does the difference race and profession choice do?

By selecting a different race and profession, this will:

  • Present you with different play choices and narrative options during the game
  • Make the scrolls and other vital quest items be hidden in different locations with different quests to reveal them
  • Give you varying buffs and side effects to your character, e.g. warriors get more stamina, thieves get more sneak.

What are the different stats and what do they mean?

The different stats in this game are:

  • Stamina: How much health you have. When stamina reaches zero, you die.
  • Skill: How proficient you are in and out of combat as a whole. If it reaches zero, you will be ineffective in combat.
  • Luck: How lucky your character is. Testing your luck by getting into risky situations will slowly decrease luck, so your luck can literally and figuratively run out.
  • Sneak: How stealthy your character is. Higher sneak is more effective at travelling undetected and picking pockets.
  • Speed: The speed of your player, higher speed means faster movement giving a combat advantage.
  • Gold/Silver: This is your spendable currency. Depending on level there is a cap on how much you can carry on your person at any one time. Shops and traders only accept gold as hard currency, silver can be convered to gold at the Bank of Utopia.
  • Rations: Food packages you have available to eat. As a survival mechanic, whenever the game says a day has passed your character must eat a ration. If you have no rations, you will lose stamina instead.
  • Experience: As you kill enemies and advance through the game you will gain experience. Certain very stupid acts may lower experience.
  • Level: Each level is reached when you gain a set amount of experience, and each level is harder to reach than the one before. The maximum attainable level is 32.
  • Notoriety: This score starts at 0 and is akin to a wanted level. Certain activities raise your notoriety and gaining too much notoriety will get the local militia forces after you, or even put a bounty on your head for other players to claim!
  • Armour: Your armour score indicates how protected you are. It starts at 1 for basic leather clothing.
  • Weapon: Your weapon score indicates the strength of your currently equipped weapon. It starts at 1 for a basic hunting dagger.
  • Mana: Spells take mana to cast, and over time mana replenishes. The amount of mana you have and how fast it replenishes is dependent upon you skill, level, and profession.

How do I mange my premium subscription?

To manage your Premium Subscription, log into the premium subscription page using your Discord login. You can amend any active subscription by clicking the manage button as shown in the image below. Previous subscriptions will be listed on this page but cannot be managed once cancelled or expired. Once you click the manage button you will be redirected to our payment processor, ChargeBee, which will permit you access using your Discord email address and a one-time code emailed to you.

Please note that if you cancel your subscription, there is no grace period – any premium benefits are immediately reverted back to standard, so you should cancel your premium the day before your renewal to get the best value for money. If you are within a premium-only game location, you will be permitted to finish up and leave but will not be permitted to re-enter afterwards. If you require a refund or any advice regarding billing, please contact Brain#0001 on the official discord support server.

Where can I get billing/premium support?

To get help with Seven Spells Premium or billing issues ask on our Discord server. We will endevour to help you and usually answer billing queries same day.

Where are your privacy policy and terms of service?

You can find the privacy policy and terms of service in two links at the bottom of every page.

How do I protect my inventory items from being lost on death?

To protect your possessions from being lost on death, stash them at a branch of the Bank Of Utopia. The bank of utopia will protect your items from being lost, but at the same time if they are not on your person when you need them you cannot use them. Also, items deposited at any branch can be withdrawn at any other branch. Consider it to be similar to a Minecraft Ender Chest.

Does this bot use D&D Rules and Character Stats?

No, this bot does not use D&D, GURPS, SPECIAL, or any other similar game systems (many of which are patented). It uses its own gameplay system inspired by that in Fighting Fantasy game books, but enhanced and improved over 20 years of balancing and play testing.

Where did you get all the game content?

When the bot’s developer was 13, he created a story book which was a novelised version of this story. This was typed into a computer as soon as he was able to buy one, and later ported into a web based game in 2003. At its peak this web based game had 1500 concurrent players. This same web game is now available to you, right here, as a Discord bot. Enjoy!

How many chances do I get to finish the game?

As many as you like once you create a character. However, each time your character dies, you must start again from scratch. It is extremely unlikely you will be able to defeat the game’s main antagonist without teamwork.

Can I pick up items several times in a row by revisiting the same area, e.g. farm gold and items?

No. All items in the game except gold and silver have a unique identifier associated with them which is stored in your character’s profile whenever you pick up an item. If you accidentally drop this item, or loose it, then find out later that it’s essential, then that’s tough luck!

Can I spend more gold than I have?

Certain establishments and people in the game (inns for example) may allow you to run a “tab” and go into debt with your gold pieces, in which case your gold becomes negative. If your gold becomes negative, you can’t buy anything from more strict characters (such as shop owners and traders!) until your gold goes into positive numbers!

How is the game moderated?

The game is moderated by human moderators plus chat filtering. If you encounter any behaviour which detracts from the enjoyment of others please report it on the official discord.

How much does this game cost to play?

The game is free to play. At some point in the future we will be introducing a premium plan, which will offer various cosmetic and convenience features, none of which will give an unfair advantage over non-paying members, e.g. this will not be pay-to-win.

How do I get more stamina than the maximum amount allowed?

You can raise the maximum by getting enough experience to raise your character’s profile by a level. This will raise the maximum allowed stats for your character.

Why can I change my character’s gender mid-game, but not my profession or race?

The character’s gender is purely cosmetic and affects the appearance of your character on your profile page. There is no other plot, gameplay or other mechanic related to your player’s gender. As such, you are free to change it at any time without consequence, but cannot change your character’s profession or race without restarting as they grant various buffs on your initial character.

Where can i find support or ask questions about the game?

You can find support or get hints and tips on the official discord server.

I have an idea for a location or an enhancement to the game!

We welcome ideas for new locations and features. Please visit the official discord server and make your request there.

Who made this bot?

This bot was made by, and indie game studio and Discord bot developer from the UK.’s developer, Brain, has been making bots since 1998 and games since 1993, starting out with bots for IRC.

Do you make any other bots?

Yes! has several bots, including:

  • TriviaBot – Loved by over 200,000 Discord Servers
  • Sporks – Loved by over 3500 Discord Servers
  • Beholder – Our most recent bot until this one