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How to use the Inventory

The inventory is accessed via the button while playing. You can access your inventory at any time whilst alive, not in combat, and not in a bank. An adventurer’s inventory is more than just a collection of items; it’s a lifeline, a repository of tools, treasures, and talismans essential for survival in the perilous realms they traverse. Each item tells a story, bearing the weight of past exploits and future possibilities. The inventory button leads to your inventory screen:

The inventory screen firstly lists your basic statistics of stamina, skill, luck, XP, level and speed. Each inventory item has a full description, for example:

This description firstly lists the name of the item, in this case a Tin Axe. After this are any stats changes or values for the item, in this case it is a weapon, with a rating of 5.

After the stats for the item, is a description of the item, as your character sees it. In this case, your character knows it is a flimsy tin axe, used for felling small trees.

After the description are several possible icons, which are also suffixed by colour coded text on desktop Discord:

 This item is equipped; for weapons, you are holding it, and for armour, you are wearing it.
 This is the value of the item if sold. Be aware that you cannot sell quest items, or some other specific items.
 This item is a quest item. You cannot drop it, nor can you sell it or trade it.

Spells and herbs

Your inventory neatly segregates your spells and herbs from other carried items. There’s no cap on how many you can collect, though you’re limited to possessing just one of each. In Cryptillia, spells aren’t depleted upon use; rather, they’re assimilated into your repertoire upon learning. Once acquired from a scroll or instructor, you can cast them whenever you have sufficient mana and the requisite herb. Note that respawning (not resurrecting) means you forget any spells you learned beyond your default set.

Herbs used as spell components also endure beyond each casting. The quantity utilized per cast is so trifling that your herb stockpile will far outlast your entire quest.

Dropping, Using and Equipping

Beneath the list of items, you will see a set of drop down lists which you can choose to perform actions on items on this inventory page:

Extending Your Inventory

At the outset of your adventure, your inventory is capped at 25 items. Should you wish to expand your carrying capacity, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate means to do so. Purchasing a mount provides an additional inventory page, accommodating another 25 items. Similarly, acquiring a backpack, saddlebags for your mount, and various other items will grant you more space. Numerous storage-extending items are hidden throughout the game world, waiting to be uncovered as you explore. Venture forth and uncover them all!

You can navigate between the various pages of your inventory with the buttons below the inventory page.

Remember, adventurer, your inventory is more than the sum of its parts; it’s a reflection of your character, aspirations, and experiences. Each item carries sentimental value, a reminder of past triumphs and narrow escapes. A battered shield bears witness to battles won and lost, while a cherished amulet symbolizes hope in the face of adversity. Your inventory is your constant companion, a beacon of hope amidst the shadows. It is a symbol of your indomitable spirit and unyielding resolve to brave the unknown and carve your own destiny in a world fraught with peril and possibility.