Lore – Notoriety


In Cryptillia, every action echoes like ripples in a pond. Notoriety is the measure of a character’s reputation and standing, reflecting their interactions, deeds, and choices. As characters traverse the diverse landscapes and engage in quests, their notoriety score fluctuates. Managing notoriety is a delicate balance. While a positive reputation can open doors and grant privileges, a tainted one might close them and make every journey a perilous adventure. The choices made by characters echo throughout Cryptillia, shaping their destinies and the world around them.

Spreading the word

Local militia forces employ a variety of means to spread word of bounties and maintain the notoriety system, using both magical and non-magical methods:

  1. Traditional Notices: Physical posters, or “wanted posters,” are the most common non-magical method. They are distributed in prominent locations such as town centers, taverns, and guard stations. These posters provide a visual description of the wanted individual, details of their crimes, and the reward offered.
  2. Town Criers: In bustling city squares and town markets, town criers, often equipped with enchanted voice amplification, announce bounty information to passersby. They relay details of wanted individuals, crimes committed, and the promised rewards, ensuring the message reaches a wide audience.
  3. Magical Scrying Stones: Powerful magical artifacts, known as scrying stones, are employed to project holographic images of wanted individuals. Placed in strategic locations, these stones display animated representations, making it easier for people to recognize the culprits.
  4. Sending Spells: Skilled wizards or magical agencies utilize sending spells to broadcast messages across great distances. This magical communication ensures that news of bounties reaches neighboring towns and regions swiftly, creating a network of awareness.
  5. Enchanted Bounty Boards: In central locations like city squares or guard outposts, enchanted bounty boards display constantly updated information. These boards use magic to automatically adjust the notoriety level of individuals and showcase the latest bounties.
  6. Telepathic Network: In some advanced regions, a telepathic network connects the minds of key individuals, such as law enforcement officials and town leaders. This mental link enables the instantaneous sharing of information, including details about notorious individuals and their associated bounties.

By combining these methods, Cryptillian authorities ensure that news of bounties spreads efficiently, maintaining the delicate balance of the notoriety system and keeping citizens informed and vigilant.

Notoriety Levels

1. Low Notoriety

This individual is a minor troublemaker, perhaps caught in a few tavern brawls or accused of petty theft. The authorities are interested in questioning them about their questionable behavior.
Example: Con artists, Bar brawlers

2. Moderate Notoriety

This person has gained a bit of a reputation, engaging in more serious offenses such as smuggling or disrupting local trade routes. Local authorities consider them a nuisance and are offering a reward for their capture.
Example: Pickpockets, Smugglers

3. High Notoriety

notorious figure, this character is involved in organized crime or has committed heinous acts that have disrupted the peace. The authorities are actively seeking information leading to their arrest, and the reward is substantial.
Example: Low ranking members of the assassins guild

5. Extreme Notoriety

A dangerous and infamous individual, this character is a known threat to the region. They may be a mastermind behind major criminal activities, leading a band of outlaws or posing a significant risk to the safety of the populace. Authorities are desperate to apprehend them, and the reward for their capture is significant, reflecting the gravity of their actions.
Example: The Dragonblade Bandits

6. Legendary Outlaw:

This individual exists beyond the realm of conventional law and notoriety. A true enigma, their actions are shrouded in myth and fear. Whether a dark sorcerer, an otherworldly being, or a notorious warlord, they operate on a scale that transcends local authorities. Authorities are powerless against them, and tales of their deeds have become the stuff of legends. There is no standard bounty for their capture, as the risks involved are deemed insurmountable. The only hope lies in the hands of the bravest adventurers willing to face the unknown.
Example: The Demon Lord Garneth