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In the vast annals of history, Barbarians emerge as an ancient divergence from the Human race, evolving over millennia of isolation into a distinct society with its own beliefs, technologies, and customs. It is only in recent years that Dwarven explorers have uncovered the secluded existence of Barbarian-kind in the frigid reaches of the far northern wastes of Cryptillia.

The Dwarven encounter marked a pivotal moment for Barbarians, as the industrious explorers provided invaluable knowledge and tools to navigate the harsh northern environment. In the wake of this discovery, a wave of Barbarian explorers has ventured southward, eager to witness firsthand the marvels and sanctuary that characterize the great Human empire.

Due to their prolonged isolation, Barbarians find themselves unburdened by complex alliances and enmities. In general, they embody neutrality, trust, and an amenable nature, making them easy to engage in negotiations. The vast stretches of time spent in seclusion have fostered a genuine curiosity and openness among Barbarians, as they navigate the complexities of the ‘new’ lands to the south, seeking understanding and connection with the expansive human civilization.

As the boundaries between cultures blur and the echoes of ancient isolation fade, Barbarians stand at the threshold of a new era, ready to forge connections and build alliances with the various societies that populate Cryptillia. The neutrality that defines them becomes a bridge, a foundation upon which new relationships can be constructed, and the untapped potential of Barbarian-kind unfurls in the unfolding tapestry of the diverse and dynamic world they now explore.