Lore – Demons

Demons manifest within Cryptillia as a palpable and proven threat, existing as entities of pure energy with the unique ability to materialize at will. These ancient beings predate the arrival of humans and orcs, dating back over three millennia, and their ethereal realm is intrinsically tied to the origins of magic and the existence of magical artifacts in Cryptillia.

Demons harbor a profound contempt and hatred for creatures bound by physical matter, deeming them inferior. Their intelligence, far surpassing that of mortal beings, has led them to traverse not only the expanse of Cryptillia but also the surrounding star systems, unencumbered by the constraints of fragile environments that constrain humans.

To exert substantial influence on the physical world, demons undertake a complex process. They must possess a physical creature by mapping their energy into the same neural pattern as a humanoid creature, effectively overwriting the existing consciousness. This intricate procedure demands time, effort, and precision, often necessitating a distraction, such as a ceremony or a prolonged spell casting. The synchronization with the host’s body, crucial for maintaining essential functions like heartbeat, makes sleep an opportune moment for this cosmic invasion.

When successful, the demon seizes control of the host’s physical body, eradicating all traces of the former being. The manipulated creature then becomes an instrument for wreaking havoc in the physical world, clearing the path for demons to reclaim Cryptillia as they had done for millions of years before the arrival of humanity.

Only the most powerful wizards comprehend the gravity of this existential threat to all physical life. Their awareness prompts them to issue warnings to those with enough intelligence to comprehend the danger, clandestinely gathering a secret army in preparation for the inevitable day when judgment descends upon Cryptillia. The looming threat of demonic possession, concealed in the shadows, underscores the delicate balance between the magical and physical realms in this fantastical world.