Lore – The Militia

In Cryptillia, a web of peacekeeping forces, known as the militia, unfolds as a vital thread mandated by royal decree. Lords and ladies of the realm are bound by law to assemble these independent peacekeepers, a force designed to maintain order within the bustling towns and villages. However, the royal directive confines the militia’s duties solely to urban areas, deeming their deployment to the countryside an unneccessary expenditure of time and resources.

The scope and authority of each militia unit are shaped by the ruling lord or lady of the city. Yet, beneath the facade of peacekeeping, a nuanced reality often emerges. Many militia forces, tainted by corruption, find themselves under the control of superiors who prioritize the illusion of successfully combating crime over genuine law enforcement. Paid on a per-arrest basis, the militia’s motivations may lean more towards financial gain than the pursuit of justice. Brace yourself, for encountering the long arm of the law may be an inevitable chapter in your quest, as your arrest may serve as a coin-filled boon for the men’s purses.

Armed with the authorization to wield deadly force, the militia operates with a sweeping mandate, applying it not only to known criminals but also to suspects and those who resist arrest. The consequences for transgressions in Utopia and similar countries are severe, fostering an environment where crime is curtailed, and a fragile peace reigns over the cities.

Yet, the very force intended to uphold order may, at times, become the harbinger of disorder. Instances of militia uprisings leading to the overthrow of rightful lords have been recorded. In such scenarios, expediency often triumphs, with the emperor declaring the new ruler as the official lord, provided that royal command is upheld. The delicate balance between authority and rebellion shapes the narrative of the militia, painting a complex picture of justice, power, and the pursuit of peace within the urban landscapes of Cryptillia.