Lore – The First Age Of Magic

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The First Age of Magic is a period of early Cryptillian history which looms as a shadowy epoch, an era shrouded in the mists of time when the entire world was ensnared in the throes of a protracted magical conflict lasting for centuries. It was a period preceding the enlightenment of many races about the perilous nature of spellcasting, a time when the true magnitude of the demonic threat, lurking within the unseen energies surrounding Cryptillia, remained veiled.

The conflict endured until a pivotal moment when several visionary wizards forged an unprecedented alliance, transcending the boundaries that had once pitted elves, humans, and dwarves against each other. United in purpose, they orchestrated a historic peace treaty, a pact etched with the potent threads of magic in an attempt to weave an enduring peace for centuries, if not eternity.

However, the ethereal ink on this magical parchment was not dry before its shortcomings manifested. Sinister forces, believed to be the machinations of demons, intervened with nefarious intent, thwarting the unity of the races and preventing some from attending the peace summit. Notably absent were the Orc empire and certain Elven tribes, fated to deviate into the sinister lineage known as the Dark Elves. The absence of these races from the peace pact introduced an irreparable fracture in the fabric of the envisioned everlasting peace. The ominous agenda harbored by these excluded races sought not only to obliterate the ideals encapsulated within the Peace Pact but also to dismantle the very upholders of the treaty. The specter of perpetual conflict lingered, casting a long shadow over the utopian aspirations of a realm yearning for an enduring peace that seemed forever elusive.

The First Age of Magic stands as a cautionary tale, a chronicle echoing with the consequences of unchecked magical power, the deceit of demonic influence, and the fragile nature of pacts meant to bind a fractured world.