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The Plains of Gold, extending as far as the eye can see in the southern reaches of Cryptillia, present a haunting and desolate tableau. Once a landscape that might have flourished with diverse life, the region now bears the scars of an ancient cataclysmic event. It appears as though the land itself has been “glassed,” as if some malevolent force had overwritten the natural order.

In this vast expanse of desolation, where life struggles to take root, stands the meager existence of Port Krellis. Nestled at the very furthest southern reaches, this coastal town clings to survival by tapping into the wealth of the sea. Its resilient inhabitants, dependent on the bounty of the ocean, have adapted to their harsh surroundings, eking out a modest living amidst the unforgiving Plains of Gold.

Near Port Krellis lies a somber reminder of the region’s perilous nature—the wreck of the Night Owl. Once a majestic galleon, the vessel succumbed to the fierce elements during a severe storm many years ago. Now, the skeletal remains of the ship lie scattered along the coastline, serving as both a poignant symbol of the unpredictable sea and a testament to the challenges faced by those who brave the waters of Cryptillia. The remnants of the Night Owl stand as a silent witness to the formidable forces that shape the fate of this desolate and shattered land.