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Goblins are a resilient yet enslaved race, shackled by the dominion of Orc tribes. Characterized by limited intelligence, goblins possess a witty disposition that renders them adept at executing simple tasks, making them the preferred choice over Lesser Orcs for menial duties such as tending to boars and dispatching captured horses for the grisly battle-banquets that mark their existence.

Goblins harbor a calculative yet straightforward mindset. Their ingenuity, when pooled together, becomes a spark that can ignite rebellion. When several goblins collaborate, their collective resourcefulness transcends their individual limitations, enabling them to overthrow their Orc overseers en masse. In a daring revolt, they may swarm out of the confines of their captivity, seeking freedom and a life of their own amidst the untamed wilderness.

Despite their diminutive stature, equivalent to that of Dwarves, goblins wield a limited array of weapons. However, their size belies their resilience in combat. Elusive and agile, goblins prove to be remarkably challenging targets, evading the strikes of their adversaries with uncanny dexterity. In the melee of battle, their nimbleness becomes a potent defense, compensating for their modest weaponry with an evasive prowess that frustrates those who seek to subdue them.

As goblins navigate the treacherous terrain of servitude, rebellion, and the untamed wilderness, they epitomize the indomitable spirit that persists in the face of oppression. Their tales weave a narrative of cunning survival, collaborative uprising, and a resilience that belies their enslaved status in the fantastical tapestry of Cryptillia.