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Lesser Orcs are kin to their larger counterparts, the Orcs, sharing an enigmatic genetic connection whose roots delve into the obscure annals of history. Linked by distinctive features such as blue-green blood flowing with copper, three-jointed legs, and robust ribcages capable of withstanding significant damage, Lesser Orcs bear the indelible marks of their shared ancestry.

Despite these shared traits, Lesser Orcs stand apart from their larger kin in terms of size and temperament. Their diminished stature imparts a noticeable timidity and passivity, qualities that, if exhibited by a full-grown Orc, would incur severe consequences. This inherent vulnerability renders them susceptible to enslavement by their more dominant Orc counterparts, a fate from which they seldom resist.

In captivity, some Lesser Orcs, against the tide of their passive nature, manage to muster a base level of courage. These outliers defy their shackles, rebelling against their captors and escaping the bonds of servitude. Those who achieve such feats of courage among Lesser Orcs often find themselves destined for roles as soldiers, adventurers, and hired protectors. However, the perilous path ahead tests not only their newfound courage but also their ability to navigate a world that is fraught with danger and uncertainty.

As Lesser Orcs tread the precarious line between subjugation and rebellion, their tales weave a narrative of inherent vulnerability, unexpected courage, and the relentless pursuit of freedom.