Lore – Races – Orc

In the tumultuous realms of Cryptillia, orcs emerge as a relentless force, embodying a ferocity that reverberates through their every action. Violence is their vernacular, negotiation a foreign concept as they favor the blunt force of combat over the nuances of dialogue. With a language that echoes in guttural tones and a perceived lower level of intelligence, orcs organize themselves into tribal structures, each ruled by a warlord flanked by a cadre of advisors, handpicked by the warlord himself.

While it is theoretically accepted that the warlord should heed the counsel of these advisers, the reality often hinges on the capricious whims of the warlord. Orcs, driven by their inherently combative nature, spend the majority of their existence in the throes of battle. In the absence of a suitable external adversary, they turn upon themselves in a relentless cycle of internecine conflict. The clash of weapons and the roar of aggression define the rhythm of their daily lives.

When not immersed in combat, orcs transition between periods of repose and feasting, reveling in the aftermath of their conquests. Boar or horse meat is the staple of their carnivorous feasts, supplemented by any other meat that comes within their grasp. The orcish way of life becomes an unending cycle of brutality, alternating between the chaos of battle, restorative slumber, and gluttonous revelry.

A visceral disdain defines the orcish perception of elves, an animosity rooted in a profound hatred for the elven reverence of the natural world. If given the choice to unleash their aggression upon any race, orcs would unhesitatingly target elves, the intensity of their animosity palpable. Dwarves, their second most detested adversaries, share a deep-seated enmity that traces back to the earliest ages of magic. In a gruesome chapter of history, ancient Dwarves forcibly expelled the initial orcish inhabitants from their ancestral homeland, igniting a feud that has endured through the ages.

In the savage landscapes of Cryptillia, orcs stand as a formidable testament to the unbridled power of aggression and a hatred that spans generations. Their warlike nature, tribal societies, and blood-soaked history imprint an indelible mark on the world they inhabit.